Audit Progress and Status

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Once you begin the Audit the main window will display the imported password hashes and show the progress of the auditing session. A row consists of a username, the hash, the password if cracked, the state of the password cracking, user info, user id, the last time the account was changes, and if the account is locked, if disabled, password expiration or if no expiration. Rows will be colored red when a password is cracked, including if there is no password. Rows are yellow if there if a partial crack (with LANMAN hashes it is possible to crack just half of the password).

The Status windows will display whether the auditing session is in progress or not. The log window will log operations such as when a particular auditing type begins and when passwords were cracked. The progress bars display the percentage complete for a audit step and the total work queue.

You can Pause or Stop the audit session using the Pause and Stop buttons in the lower right of the main window.  If the audit session is paused you can Resume with the Resume button.

The Thermal Monitor displays the temperature of the CPU and GPU. CPU Utilization displays the a bar for each core or hyperthread. The height of the bar represents utilization from 0 to 100%. The GPU Util/Temp/Fan displays the percentage of GPU utilization, the GPU temp, and the Fan speed. There is a bar for each GPU found in the system.

L0phtCrack automatically throttles your GPU if it begins to overheat. The temperature settings are available in the Settings menu on the System Sidebar Menu.