Import from PWDump-style file

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PWDump files are created by tools that extract Windows password hashes from the Windows system. If the network or security tools in your environment prevent you from being able to connect to a remote machine to obtain the password hashes (or if the remote machine is on a different network), then you may need to use one of these tools to obtain a pwdump file of the hashes, and then import the hashes into L0phtCrack from that file.

Example tools are pwdump, pwdump3, fgdump, samdump, etc. If you have used one of these tools to create a PWDump file and you want to import the hashes, select Import from PWDump and browse to the file. You can select to Keep Currently Imported Accounts if you are adding this import to accounts (hashes) you have already imported. If this option is not selected the import will overwrite any previously imported accounts.

L0phtCrack 7 can usually import hashes directly from the local machine or a remote machine so in those cases you can follow the local and remote instructions below to perform those types of imports. You are now ready to select your audit settings.