L0phtCrack 7 Menu Reference

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The following sections describes the commands available from the MENU.

New Session

L0phtCrack uses a session file to store the settings, imported data, and progress of an auditting session.  There needs to be an active session before any password hash data can be imported. Select New Session to create a new session. Session files use the .lc7 extension which is associated with the L0phtCrack program.  The Password Auditting Wizard will also create a new session. After creating a new session you will want to import password hashes

and then configure an audit.

Open Session...

Open Session will display a file open dialog box where you can select and open a previously saved session file.

Recent Sessions

Recent Sessions will display a cascaded menu where you can select recently used session files for opening.

Recover Autosaved Session...

Auditting sessions can span many days which increases the likelihood that your computer will crash, hang or reboot during an auditting session.  By default L0phtCrack autosaves a temporary session file every 5 minutes.  If your session has abnormally ended use Recover Autosaved Session... to display a dialog box which lets you select the last autosaved temporary session file.

Save Session

Save Session will save the current session to the current session file.

Save Session As...

To save your session to a new file select Save Session As... to specify the session file name. You can also overwrite a previously saved session file.

Close Session

If you want to close your session and have no session open select Close Session.  If the session isn't saved you will be prompted to save the session to a session file.

Generate Remote Agent

Typical L0phtCrack usage will not require the generation of a remote agent.  L0phtCrack will be able to automatically install a remote agent as part of the remote Windows import process.  However some configurations may require the manual installation of the remote agent.  If this is necessary Select Generate Remote Agent and follow the instructions for manually installing a remote agent.

Perform Calibration

L0phtCrack can select between different processors and processor instructions available to optimize the speed of the password auditting process. L0phtcrack can run a calibration to detect the performance of the available options.  The first time L0phtCrack is run you are prompted to run a calibration.  This is highly recommended.  If you have never run calibration or you wish to recalibrate due to hardware or driver changes you can select Perform Calibration.

Password Auditing Wizard

To simplify the process of password auditing you can use the Password Auditing Wizard.  This wizard will walk you through the process of importing password hashes and selecting audit techniques.  See the Wizard Overiew.


Select Fullscreen to put L0phtCrack in fullscreen mode or to exit fullscreen mod.  A checkmark will display next to the Fullscreen menu item when L0phtCrack is in fullscreen mode.

Minimize To System Tray

If you want to remove L0phtCrack from the list of running applications so it doesn't show up in the taskbar or when you alt-tab you can select Minimize To System Tray.  An LC7 system tray icon will appear.  L0phtCrack will continue running. Click on the LC7 system tray icon to restore L0phtCrack as a running application.

Check For Updates

By default L0phtCrack will check for updates everytime it is run.  This can be disabled from the Settings screen. You can manually check for updates at any time by selecting Check For Updates. If an update is available it will be displayed and you will be able to choose to install it.


Select Quit to exit L0phtCrack.