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This section lists tools and information that may help in your password auditing efforts. As always, exercise the appropriate diligence in evaluating and using these resources.

fgdump (

fgdump runs like pwdump to allow remote access to the password database on SYSKEY protected systems, and is available for free from fizzgig. Its output is a similar format to the .lc format used by L0phtCrack 2.5. L0phtCrack 7 can import files that fgdump outputs as they are compatible with pwdump. fgdump plays better with anti-virus systems and is recommended over pwdump.

pwdump (

pwdump is the name of various Windows programs that output the LM and NTLM password hashes of local user accounts from the Security Account Manager (SAM). In order to work, it must be run under an Administrator account, or be able to access an Administrator account on the computer where the hashes are to be dumped. Pwdump could be said to compromise security because it could allow a malicious administrator to access user's passwords. Most of these programs are open-source.

L0phtCrack 7 can import files that pwdump outputs.

Password Reset Utility

You must have access to at least one administrator account on a Windows machine in order to obtain password hashes from that machine, whether you use fgdump, or L0phtCrack 7's own Import From Local Machine feature. The only other way to access the machine might be through a password reset utility such as the following:

Source Code

The core of L0phtCrack 7's engine is based on the John The Ripper project:

The original source code L0phtCrack 1.5 is available in an open source version for research purposes from