Running L0phtCrack 7 for the First Time

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Running L0phtCrack the first time

When L0phtCrack runs for the first time you will see the Startup Dialog. From here you can run the Password Auditing Wizard, Start a New Session, Open An Existing Session, or select one of the Recent Sessions displayed.  You can deselect Show This Dialog On Startup to stop displaying the Startup Dialog when L0phtCrack starts.

When you run an audit session the first time you will be prompted to optionally Perform Calibration. L0phtCrack can select between different processors and processor instructions available to optimize the speed of the password auditting process. L0phtcrack can run a calibration to detect the performance of the available options.  This is highly recommended.

Calibration takes several minutes as L0phtCrack tries all the available cracking algorithms across the available CPU instructions and a GPU if present.  You can display the Calibration results at any time from the MENU by selecting Perform Calibration.  You can recalibrate by selecting Recalibrate. You will want to do this if you have updated your CPU or GPU hardware.

The row header is the hash type.  The column header is the CPU instruction set or GPU algorithm used.  The speed is listed in Kc/s (Kilocracks/s), Mc/s (Megacracks/s) or Gc/s (Gigacracks/s).  L0phtCrack will highlight the fastest algorith in orange or flames if the speed is over 1 Gc/s.  The highlighted algorithm will be stored and used in subsequent audit sessions.