Scheduling Password Audits

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Administrators can schedule audits daily, weekly, monthly, or just once. This allows you to perform recurring audits on a set schedule without needing to manually import and audit hashes each time.

To schedule a task, first create a Queue with a set of imports and audits by using the Add Import To Queue from the import window and Add Audit to Queue from the audit window.

Next, select Queue from the left side menu to display the queue window. Instead of running the queue press the Schedule Queue button. The New Job dialog will display. You will see the tasks in the queue. You can now set a Start Time and optionally an Expiration Date. You can also set a Recurrence interval of One Time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. When you are satisfied with the settings press the OK button to save the schedule.

Schedules are stored using the Windows Task Scheduler.

You can have as many scheduled tasks that you want. You view and modify all of the scheduled tasks bring up the Currently Scheduled Tasks window by selecting Schedule in the left hand menu.

From the Currently Scheduled Tasks window you can edit a task by pressing the Edit Task Schedule button, remove a task by pressing the Remove Task button, run a task immediately by pressing the Run Task Now button, or open the task in a new session with the Open Scheduled Task in New Session button.

A scheduled task can run when there is no interactive session with a logged in user. It will run in the background. When the scheduled task is complete it will create a Task Output Session. These task output sessions are viewed from the Schedule window by selecting one and pressing the Open Task Output Session button. They are saved until they are deleted with the Remove Selected Task Output Session button.