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Select Settings from the left side side to display the Settings. There are three tabs: Global Settings, Plugins, and About L0phtCrack 7

The Global Settings allow you so set options such as default directories, customize the UI, and enable or disable features of the included JtR Cracking engine.

The Plugin tab allows you to Install, Uninstall, Enable, or Disable selected plugins. L0phtCrack 7 ships with plugins to support the base system, cracking, unix importing, windows importing, the JtR cracking engine, and the wizard. In the future additional plugins will be available for importing different types of password hashes and cracking different types of password hashes.

The About tab displays license info: licensee, license type, and days left it is an evaluation license.  The About tab has a Deactivate License button to deactivate the license on this machine. This allows the license to be installed on another machine. There is also a display of the version information and links to the license management site and L0phtCrack support.