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UNIX remote importing requires SSHD running on the target machine. Specify the Host with either a name or IP address and optionally a port number, if SSH isn't running on the default port 22.

Specify the port as follows: hostname:port

You can select to Keep Currently Imported Accounts if you are adding this import to accounts (hashes) you have already imported. If this option is not selected the import will overwrite any previously imported accounts.

You can also optionally select to Include Non-Login and Disabled Accounts.

If you have previously saved credentials for this host you can use them by choosing Use Host Specific Saved Credentials or if you have previously saved default credentials for all Unix hosts you can use them by choosing Use Default Saved Credentials.

If you are not using saved credentials enter a Username and choose Password Authentication or Public Key Authentication and enter the appropriate secret, either a Password or Private Key File. If you are specifying user credentials, you can optionally select to save credentials for just this host and/or for all hosts by selecing the appropriate checkboxes. This will overwrite any previously saved credentials.

L0phtCrack requires root privileges to retrieve password hashes on a UNIX machine, but many SSH configurations will not allow a root user to log in. If this is the case, an additional root password will be required. If you specify credentials with root privileges choose No Elevation Required. If you specify non-root credentials you will need to choose either SUDO or SU based on what the target system uses to elevate privileges and enter a root password.

After you have specified host information, the credentials, and optionally a SUDO or SU password, press Connect And Verify Credentials. This will test that everything is correct for importing.

If the remote import parameters are correct you will see the Hash Type To Import list display the hash types found in the remote /etc/shadow and/or /etc/passwd file. L0phtCrack can only crack one type of Unix hash at a time so if there is more than one type select the one you wish to import. If you want to audit more than one type you will have to do the others in later sessions. You are now ready to select your audit settings.