Using Queues

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L0phtCrack 7 contains a powerful queue feature which lets you string multiple import and audit operations together. You can then run the queue immediately or choose to schedule the queue. This way you can schedule complex import and auditing functions to occur on a schedule. For instance, you could set up a queue to import password hashes from multiple machines and then run an audit on the passwords on a repeating schedule. This is an easy way to perform a monthly audit.

Whenever you use the password import function you can choose Add Import To Queue instead of Run Import Immediately. This will place the import on the Queue. Remember to select Keep Currently Imported Accounts during import if you want to concatenate many imports together for one auditing session. When you are on the audit selection you can choose to Add Audit To Queue instead of Run Audit Immediately to put that audit action on the Queue.

When you select Queue on the right hand menu the Queue window displays all the items that have been added to the queue. Before you run of schedule the Queue you need to Validate Queue. This checks for any errors that may prevent the Queue from running. If the validation succeeds the Run Queue Now and Schedule Queue buttons become enabled. See Scheduling Password Audits for a description of how to schedule audits.

The queue is saved with the session in the .lc7 file. If you choose Save Session not only will you save any imported password hashes and their audit state, you will also save the Queue.