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Windows remote importing requires SMB remote 'File And Print Sharing' to be enabled on the target machine. Specify the Host with either a name or IP address.

You can select to Keep Currently Imported Accounts if you are adding this import to accounts (hashes) you have already imported. If this option is not selected the import will overwrite any previously imported accounts. If you want to audit all system accounts, not just user accounts, you can select to Include Machine Accounts.

Next specify the credentials that will be used to access the password hashes. Credentials with administrative privileges on the target host are required.

You can choose to Use Logged-In User Credentials. Or, if you previously saved credentials you can choose Use Default Saved Credentials or Use Host Specific Saved Credentials.

You can also select Use Specific User Credentials. Next, you need to specify Username, Password, and optionally a Domain.

You can select Save These Credentials For This Host or Save These Credentials As Default For All Hosts to save the username, password, and domain to the Windows protected store.

Once you are satisfied with your import mechanism and import settings you need to press the Run Import Immediately button to perform the import. You can also select press the Add Import to Queue if you are creating a queue.

During the import the Log Window at the bottom of the screen will update and the password hashes will be displayed in the main window.