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Enforce strong passwords across your enterprise

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L0phtCrack 7 Features

Ultrafast Cracking

Multi-core & multi-GPU support takes optimal advantage of your hardware. Auto-calibration eliminates guesswork.

Simple Password Loading

Wherever your password hashes are: local, remote, AD, or in a file. It’s simple to load them for auditing with our wizard.

Easy to customize

Custom word lists, character sets, and lengths are easy to set. Crack the way you want and save the settings for later.


Fix weak passwords by forcing password resets or locking out accounts.

Powerful scheduling

Admin and Enterprise versions can schedule sophisticated tasks for automated enterprise-wide password audits.

Audit multiple OSes

Windows plus first-rate Linux, BSD, and AIX support. Extensible hash types & importers through plugins.

Product knowledge

We have our full product documentation online for you to familiarize yourself with L0phtCrack operations.  Our product grid shows the features and capabilities available in each edition of L0phtCrack.

How to try or purchase

A 15 day free trial of L0phtCrack is available.  You can purchase online with a credit card. If you have questions you can contact

For GSA schedule pricing, please visit our Government Sales portal at

If you need a custom quote or you need to use a purchase order please contact We do not accept international purchase orders or offer reseller discounts.

For partnership opportunities and reseller arrangements, please contact

Site licenses are available and are more economical than purchasing more than 5 licenses. Please contact if interested.

Current Customers

L0phtCrack 6 customers that wish to update to L0phtCrack 7 must be current on their maintenance to receive the update. Contact to receive a L0phtCrack 7 license key. Your L0phtCrack 6 license key will not work.

Product license

L0phtCrack can be purchased in three different editions:

  • Professional (audit up to 500 accounts, desktop use only)
  • Administrator (audit up to 5000 accounts, desktop or schedules/background use)
  • Enterprise (unlimited accounts, desktop or schedules/background use)

The three editions: Professional, Administrator, and Enterprise are licensed to a single workstation.  You can import passwords from multiple workstations or servers, up to the account limit of your edition, and audit them on that workstation. This single workstation license is perpetual with an annual maintenance cost after the first year. See the pricing grid for each editions capabilities.

Licenses can be moved from one machine to another by deactivating a license on one machine and reactivating on another through our online interface. Consultants can use this functionality to use L0phtCrack on a client’s machine.

You can view the Professional license, Administrator license, and Enterprise license.

1000s of customers across government, finance, health care, retail and more.

L0phtCrack is the original commercial password auditor. Now in our 19th year!

3752 Customers

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Minor revision updates and bugfixes are free. Major revision updates  require a separate purchase. Microsoft has a history of releasing hotfixes and making newer versions of Windows that are incompatible with current security tools. If this happens we will update L0phtCrack to add compatibility if possible.


L0phtCrack is currently not offering new support contracts as we are at capacity.

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If you are unsure if your Windows is 64-bit or not, try the win64 download. Most Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 are running win64.

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